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I draw the family tree for the first time in 1998, just to show and explain my daughter (in those days she was 12) the family relationship including the many of cousins in Silesia. Later I've got some passion.

By now I collected a large amount of information, I tried to organize and illustrate graphically at this website.

What first was intended for the closest family, is now available for everyone, which have an interest at the family tree SOLICH. Through this platform I got to know a lot of new people and got lots of additional information and data.

Special thanks go to the genealogist Edgar Much from Bremen. He provided lots of material of his own research. On his part much of this material Edgar Much has from Professor Joachim Pokorny from Paderborn. Professor Joachim Pokorny, born in 1921 in Katscher, researched the local history of Katscher. He worked for a better understanding between Poland and Germany. Therefore, the alderman of Katscher made him an honorary citizen in 1999. In 2003 Professor Joachim Pokorny died in Soest.

Katscher (today known as Kietrz) is a little town in the district Leobschütz (today known as Glubczyce) in Silesia. It is located 18 km to the west of Ratibor (today known as Raciborz).

Katscher plays a significant role in my family tree, because many of my ancestors were born, lived and worked there (many of them as weaver). The frequently mentioned place of birth Langenau (or Lehn-Langenau) was a small suburb of Katscher, since 30.09.1928 incorporated in Katscher. At the same time the village Ehrenberg was incorporated in Katscher, too. It is a further place of birth of some of my ancestors.

Looking for work and income many of my ancestors moved away from the surrounding area. As example my great-grand uncle Anton Solich moved to Bonn around 1850 and established a shoe factory. My grandfather Emil Solich moved around 1895 to Gleiwitz where he worked at a tube mill.